Werewolf by Night, starring the lycanthropic character of the same name as played by Gael Garca Bernal, is the first Halloween special to appear on Disney+.  

The Marvel Cinematic Universe dives into the deep end with this well, as much as it can within the MCU’s strict PG-13 guidelines.  

Being only 53 minutes long, it’s the shortest and snack-sized Halloween treat before the scariest season. It’s also by far the creepiest and bloodiest Marvel project. 

The series understands what makes a horror tale, right down to the condensed nature that was so popular in the early days of film.  

It is not just your standard stale Marvel tale disguised under a layer of black-and-white Photoshop.  

A few monster hunters have assembled to vie for the namesake of the infamous family, a ruby-red gem with extraordinary powers.

In order to transport viewers back to the 1940s, when Universal had a firm hold on the horror genre and Hammer Films wasn’t far behind, Michael Giacchino pulls inspiration from the first periods of horror.  

Werewolf by Night eschews the straightforward style of recent Marvel movies in favour of dipping its toes into the enigmatic, plunging right into the action without any preamble. 

From the very first scene, viewers are told to forget their expectations because superheroes wouldn’t dare enter a world filled with such terrors.  

The foreboding encircles the audience like the fog snaking around Jack Russell’s ankles as he explores the Bloodstone Manor.