The entire trailer for Hulu’s upcoming miniseries Welcome to Chippendales, which will end the year with a narrative of one man’s pursuit of the American dream gone disastrously wrong, has been released.  

Kumail Nanjiani plays the legendary all-male strip club empire’s creator in the Hulu series which showcases him in the new teaser for the show. 

The story of Indian immigrant Somen Steve Banerjee’s (Nanjiani) rise from shop worker to business tycoon is told in Chippendales, along with his unwavering determination to stay one step ahead of the competition.  

 In the new teaser, Banerjee is first shown stocking shelves while daydreaming of a life of “sheer grandeur.”  

He desires the high life so badly that he declines the opportunity to take the general manager position at his convenience store in order to focus on building his own successful company. 

He discovered his niche in the industry after witnessing how much the women enjoyed a male strip routine.  

From there, everything comes together as he finds a name, meets Nick De Noia (Murray Bartlett), a partner and choreographer, and discovers the classic cuff and collar look. 

Banerjee intends to rule the world by the power of male stripping, thus Chippendales are everywhere. 

Even though everything was going so smoothly, stress was present. As he engages in combat with the violent De Noia for control of the business, the corrupt Banerjee’s real colours become apparent.  

He will make any dirty arrangement necessary to keep Chippendales on top because he has to be the boss of the business and the ruler of the male stripping world.