The choreography created for the concert by Jenna Ortega, the program's lead, was almost completely different from the legendary dance moment from Netflix's Wednesday. 

Following Wednesday as she attempts to fit in at the Nevermore Academy, a school for marginalised teenagers with magical abilities, is the dark television series.

 In that place, Wednesday has a puzzle to unravel involving a creature that prowls around the school and her part in a prophecy.

Ortega stated during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that the original idea for the now-famous Wednesday dance scene was substantially different from what was ultimately seen on TV.

Ortega adds that a flash mob was originally intended for the dance, but that Wednesday's personality didn't lend itself to that, so she requested the episode's director, Tim Burton, to change his mind.

Burton agreed with Ortega and rejected the flash mob, allowing Wednesday to have her moment in the spotlight.

Well, I read episode 104 pretty early on. And we didn't know what song we were gonna be using, we didn't know what the situation was. Initially, they wanted a flash mob, but I thought, no, there's no way Wednesday would be cool with dancing and encouraging a bunch of people. So Tim and I - the director Tim Burton, and I talked about it a little bit, and he said "Yeah, let's not do a circle. Let's have it be her own thing."

After shattering a Stranger Things Netflix record on Wednesday, Ortega continued to demonstrate to viewers how much Netflix got right by giving her the lead role.

A flash mob wouldn't have felt appropriate for Wednesday because the character is more of a lone wolf and doesn't enjoy being among others, as she made clear to Enid, her roommate, early in the play.

Ortega demonstrated her expertise on Wednesday by requesting Burton to let her dance by herself and choreographing a dance that would turn out to be a flawless interpretation of the role.