Thing's First Interaction With Tyler

Thing flips Tyler the bird when he asks Wednesday if Thing is her pet out of irritation. Wednesday refers to Thing as "delicate," but fans get their first taste of this severed hand's charming and sassy personality.

Sulking With His Magazine

In the second episode, "Woe Is the Loneliest Number," Wednesday misses his mark and hurts Thing's feelings, leading to a split between the two.

Things Meddling In The Poe Cup

Later in episode two, Thing discovers that he is an important part of Wednesday's strategy for taking the Poe Cup.

Sparking The Match That Burns Joseph Crackstone

After Wednesday and Thing discover that Joseph Crackstone was a terrible bigot of a man toward the end of episode three,

Defending Wednesday Against A Stranger

Wednesday and Thing find themselves continuing their search for solutions to Nevermore's puzzles in episode three, "Friend or Woe."

Scheming His Own Schemes to Get Wednesday To the Rave'N Dance

In "Woe What A Night," the fourth episode, Thing takes matters into his own hands. when the Rave'N dance date on Wednesday gets cancelled

Visiting Gomez in Jail

In episode five, "You Reap What You Woe," the lovebirds Mortica and Gomez Addams are back at Nevermore Academy for parent's weekend.

Thing Helps Throw Wednesday a Surprise Party

Enid uses a false pretence to entice Wednesday to Crackstone's crypt in the beginning of episode six, "Quid Pro Woe."

Thing's Undying Loyalty

When Wednesday returns after her date with Tyler in episode seven "If You Don't Woe by Now," she finds her dorm room in ruins.

Being With Enid While She Wolfs Out

Enid and Thing sprint into the woods to aid Wednesday in defending the school in the season finale "A Murder of Woes."