Stark & Strange Both Began as Self-Obsessed Individuals

Tony Stark began his story as a maker of weaponry who was unaware of any potential repercussions.

Typically, Stark didn't care how his actions would affect others, as evidenced by the fact that James Rhodes, his best friend, had to receive an award on his behalf while Stark was playing the slots in Iron Man.

Iron Man And Doctor Strange Changed Their Lifestyles In Their Solo Film

Tony Stark utilised his ordeal to alter the internal operations of his business Stark Industries after spending several months kidnapped and stranded in a cave.

He made the decision to shut down the division that made firearms aware of the impact it would have on his reputation and stock price. His choice was unaffected by the sudden change in his life.

Doctor Strange Becomes Spider-Man's Mentor After Iron Man

Starting with Captain America: Civil War, Tony Stark from the MCU served as Peter Parker's tutor.

Iron Man And Doctor Strange Greatly Affected Their Relationship

Stephen Strange pushed Christine Palmer away frequently in the primary MCU timeline because he was afraid to show affection to or allow others to show affection to him.

Both MCU Heroes Nearly Ended The World With Their Ambition

Even while it may not always be the case, Tony Stark and Stephen Strange are adamant that they are acting morally.

Iron Man And Doctor Strange Have Died Multiple Times In Various Universe

In almost every MCU appearance, Tony Stark demonstrated his willingness to give his life. While the popular Iron Man gave his life up for the final time in Avengers: Endgame