Way Different From Your Cliched Romcom: Yumi’s Cell

Yumi’s Cells is a romcom K-Drama which tries to find out what occurs inside a person’s mind. 

The plot is simple and episodes are straightforward with adorable characters. The protagonist of the show is a character named Yu-Mi who happens to be single working woman.  

he works at Daehan Noodles and is badly looking for “the one”. After a blind date which went terribly wrong, Yumi who is dealing with an annoying colleague, gets depressed.  

However, a friend of her set her up on a blind date with a guy named Koo Woong who is quite unusual. He shows up on the date with Yumi in shorts and t-shirt. 

Soon they get along with each other and a series of awkward situations follow such as Woong’s washroom issue when he visits Yumi’s house for the first time whereas Yumi winding up booking a hotel room with glass bathroom.  

These funny scenarios are what makes this show and its actors stand apart. Yumi’s Cells abandons the cliched theme of rom-com genre. 

Yumi’s Cells depicts the highs and lows of romance and relationship and concludes with a lesson.  

. So a Lust Cell would induce sexual innuendos whereas a Hunger Cell will compel to just eat. Each of these cells have distinguished quality and their role is portrayed in each episode.