'Jaws' (1975)

Jaws is a movie that can compete with the best of the best because it has one of the most iconic film scores in cinematic history.

'The Birds' (1963)

Most people today, as well as back then, would probably laugh at this concept for an animal attack movie because it seems utterly unnerving.

'Sharknado' (2013-2018)

Sharknado was created when a series of extremely powerful freak cyclones started to sweep up lethal sharks in waterspouts and deluge the metropolis of Los Angeles.

'Piranha 3D' (2010)

In 2010, a quasi-remake of the 1978 dark comedy classic Piranha called Piranha 3D was released.

'The Grey' (2011)

We are asked various questions about our own skills, prowess, and shortcomings in this fearlessly adventurous picture of nonstop suspense and action.

'Beast' (2022) 

This movie is neither corny nor ludicrous, but it is nonetheless worth mentioning. After a challenging estrangement, a man (Idris Elba) takes his two daughters on vacation to South Africa in an effort to rekindle their relationship.

'Crawl' (2019)

The worst things happening all at once can be summed up as crawl. In addition to looters and dangerous alligators, there is water and a hurricane.

'Squirm' (1976)

The concept of blood worms altered by a broken electrical line is presented to us in Squirm, which is arguably one of the silliest animal attack movies of all time.

'Deep Blue Sea' (1999)

Deep Blue Sea contrasts the supernatural fear of Jaws by featuring a team of scientists performing study and testing on sharks in an effort to find a treatment for Alzheimer's. This is a recipe for catastrophe because genetic testing never goes as planned in movies.

'The Shallows' (2016)

In The Shallows, a shark is encountered that is too intelligent for humans to survive, similar to Deep Blue Sea.