The long-awaited solo single from Jin, “The Astronaut,” has arrived. 

The breathtaking, nearly five-minute rock-pop song and its touching music video were released by the BTS sensation on Friday, October 28.  

Coldplay and Jin co-wrote “The Astronaut,” according to BTS, but the song itself showcases the stadium-sized rock sound.

“The Astronaut” is able to translate that same emotive approach to a more energetic, dynamic pop-rock song, whereas Jin’s previous solo tracks, like “Awake” and “Epiphany.”

If you pay great attention, you can even hear Chris Martin singing a few notes that seem to be in harmony with Jin. 

In the music video for “The Astronaut,” Jin embraces his acting skills and tells a touching tale of an alien exploring Planet Earth, experiencing amazement and joy along the way.

Throughout the entire video, which has special cameos from his Coldplay collaborators and loves shoutouts to ARMY if one looks closely, Jin maintains a composed demeanor. 

For Jin’s music, October is an important month. On October 21, three of the artist’s solo songs made their premiere on international streaming services.  

On October 28, the single “The Astronaut” will be released, and on November 2 at Coldplay’s show in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The song debuted at the top of the Hot 100, making it the first time two groups had lead vocals on the same Hot 100 No. 1 hit.