Paris Hilton is revealing details about her personal life like never before in her new memoir, “Paris: The Memoir,” which was dropped on March 14th. 

One of the stories Paris shared in her memoir was about an inappropriate relationship she had with her eight grade teacher. 

“Everyone loved him, including the nuns,” she wrote. 

As it happened, the teacher too had feelings for her and expressed them by saying, “I’ve got a crush on you.” 

“He made me feel noticed in an important, grown-up way,” Hilton wrote. 

Hilton further revealed that the teacher one day decided to come over when her parents weren’t at home.

"Teacher pulled me into his arms and kissed me,” she wrote. 

“for what seemed like a long time and seemed to be evolving into something more” — until her parents returned and caught Hilton and her teacher in the driveway. 

When the academic year was over, Kathy and Rick decided to send their teenage daughter to reside with her grandmother in Palm Springs, California.