Netflix’s most admired romantic drama Virgin River had been renewed for its fourth season back in September 2021.

Starring Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson the show is one of the most anticipated new seasons dropping on Netflix in 2022.  

Since the first season which was released in December 2019, the show has immediately become one of the most-watched shows on Netflix.  

This July 20 marks the launch of Virgin River’s fourth season’s twelve episodes on Netflix. 

The fourth season of the popular drama and romance series Virgin River has finally received a trailer on Netflix, ahead of its scheduled release. 

 This month marks the return of the show to streaming services, and a brand-new trailer previews the difficulties Melinda and Jack will encounter as they attempt to advance their romance. 

Virgin River viewers had been anticipating Jack’s decision to ask Melinda to marry him at the conclusion of Season 3 for some time.

 However, Melinda’s announcement that she is pregnant ends the proposal.  

Melinda and Jack will both have to deal with uncertainty in the upcoming season, as the first teaser makes clear.  

The first trailer makes us wonder if love can really overcome all obstacles because it will rock the couple’s relationship to its very foundation.