Jason Momoa and Amber Heard's Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom requires a lot of work to "fix it" before its Christmas release or Warner Bros. runs the risk of the blockbuster becoming "a dumb duck."


Following the underwhelming box office performance and negative critical reception of Justice League the year before, Warner Bros. was taken by surprise when Aquaman was released in 2018. 

With nearly $1.1 billion made at the global box office, Jason Momoa and Amber Heard's superhero blockbuster continues to be the highest-grossing DC film of all time.

We have had half a dozen test screenings, and it's not looking good, says leaker ViewerAnon.



For the past six months or so, I've heard a lot of people say that it's dull, not as excellent as the first one, and possibly one of the worst DCEU films.

There is a reason for this, however Big Screen Leaks stated: "Since @ViewerAnon put it out there, It brings me no joy to back him up and tell you that test screenings for this picture have not been good.

People left, CanWeGetSomeToast tweeted. It's unfortunate since I read the script for #AquamanAndTheLostKingdom over a year ago and thought it was actually rather decent. 


Nevertheless, I've been hearing similarly negative things. "Aquaman 2 Terrible," MyTimeToShineHello just added.

Another insider adds that the poor quality of the movie is the reason Momoa is rumoured to be playing Lobo in James Gunn's relaunched DC Universe.