The mature Scooby Doo spinoff Velma handles the racist criticism levelled at the show with the ideal satiric retort soon after its debut. 

As soon as it was revealed, the new HBO Max animated series garnered criticism, with much of it focused on the show’s use of race-blind casting.

Instead of avoiding the subject, Velma addresses the dispute head-on. 

However, the most of the criticism about Velma has been directed at the choice to use color-blind casting.

Similar criticism was levelled at the film Scoob! when Gina Rodriguez was cast as a Latina Velma Dinkley.  

Critics criticised the decision to change the race of a well-known character rather than reflecting diversity by creating a new character. 

The Velma show controversy is addressed head-on in the premiere’s opening scene, when Velma asks her friend Daphne Blake  about race-blind casting in the midst of a conversation about TV series.  

As an Asian woman who values seeing more varied ensembles, Daphne surprises Velma with her nuanced response.

Beyond satirising racist haters, Velma’s colorblind casting contributes much to the show’s humour. 

In addition to providing an R-rated spin on Scooby Doo, Velma serves as a scathing parody of shows like The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.