V, of BTS, was named the most attractive person in K-pop in 2022.

BTS' V, Kim Taehyung, is back in the spotlight for his unequaled beauty and personality.

. The idol has been named the 'Most Handsome Face of K-Pop' by Dabeme Pop, a popular Brazilian entertainment website.

Every member of the world-famous K-Pop group BTS has been recognised for their individual qualities and talents since the band's beginnings.

. The band has won numerous online voting competitions in a variety of areas. TC Candler earlier named Jungkook and V as two of the '10 Most Beautiful Faces in the World.'

In 2022, Dabeme Pop, a Brazilian entertainment website, produced a list of the Top 100 Most Beautiful Faces in K-Pop.

 The results of the total of votes from fans all over the world supported BTS' V. In 2022, he was voted the Most Beautiful Face of K-Pop.

With 1,567,464 votes, V took first place, followed by his bandmate Jimin with 1,237,456 votes. 

Another member of the group, Jungkook, is ranked fifth. V's success is well-deserved, as fans have pointed out, as the K-pop musician has also been dubbed the "visual core of K-pop" by various Korean media sites.