The long-awaited V X Vogue is finally coming, and fans are excited. For those who are unaware, this will be V's first solo magazine photoshoot, which is why this story has gone viral online.

 For those who are unaware, on August 27 KST, Eunyoung Sohn, the fashion director of Vogue Korea, uploaded an Instagram story that made reference to a potential photoshop with Kim Taehyung.

Later, the page was taken down, but not before BTS ARMY quickly took screenshots and made predictions that V would soon grace the magazine.

The editor-in-chief of Vogue Korea, Kwangho Shin, recently posted a sneak peek at the next photo shoot with the tagline "V is coming! "

V's face is well captured in a close-up in the picture, and he is as dashing as ever.

 Editor and fashion director Bebe Kim shared the same image on Instagram along with the news that V will be featured in the October issue.

Popular lifestyle and fashion publication Vogue is a one-stop shop for information on fashion, beauty, and entertainment.

The October issue of the magazine, which features Kim Taehyung, is eagerly anticipated by fans.

Members of BTS are presently occupied with their individual projects. RM, the frontman of the K-pop group BTS, can be heard in the timeless song Sexy Nukim from Balming Tiger.

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