Twenty Five Twenty One star Joo Hyuk is now back in the spotlight months after bullying allegations.  

Many people have accused the South Korean actor of bullying them while he was a student, and this charge has been made by the actor. 

The actor vanished from the public spotlight for a period despite his agency’s denial of the accusations. 

He appeared in public for the first time since the scandal on Monday when he went to a press event for his forthcoming movie, Remember, that was held online.  

The actor posed for photographs both alone and with his co-star Lee Sung Min and director Lee Il-hyung.  

Joo Hyuk responded to queries from the media regarding the film as well as his interactions with Lee Sung Min and Lee II-hyung. 

The actor claimed that his bond with Sung Min, who plays an unusual pair of pals in their upcoming movie, extends beyond the confines of the screen. 

According to Allkpop, he said, “The atmosphere at the set was phenomenal. 

Lee Sung Min was really approachable and friendly. Sometimes, he even took pictures of me dozing off.

An anonymous complainant accused Joo Hyuk of harassing them for six years, from middle school to high school, in June of this year.