TvN confirms Jinny's Kitchen Season 2 

Officially, Jinny's Kitchen Season 2 filming has begun. The South Korean food adventure variety show, also called Seojin's Place or Seo Jin's, is a spin-off of the 2017 series Youn's Kitchen.  

After the show's debut the previous year, it received positive reviews and enough popularity to support the creation of Jinny's Kitchen, a spin-off. 

Aside from the novel idea of introducing Korean street food to a global audience, the series' main cast—Park Seo Joon, Choi Woo Sik, and BTS's V, also known as Kim Tae Hyung—became a major selling point. 

It's time to talk about which cast members will be returning for this year's second round, since the news of Season 2 has become the newest cause for celebration among the show's fans. 

Media outlets in South Korea were notified by a tvN representative that the sequel was now filming. The cast confirmation hasn't been released yet, though. 

Lead actor Lee Seo Jin is scheduled to visit Iceland in March for the forthcoming season. 

Lee Seo Jin, the lead actor in the program, is apparently making a reappearance. It is anticipated that Park Seo Joon would return to his role in the culinary adventure.  

However, the other two Wooga Squad members who are going with them have not yet been verified. 

Since Kim Tae Hyung is finishing up his required military service, it is unlikely that he will return for the upcoming season. The reports also said that for the protection of the actors and crew, certain details, such as the precise location of the filming, have been kept under wraps.