Adult Swim has cancelled the animated comedy Tuca & Bertie, which starred Tiffany Haddish and Ali Wong.  

In May 2019, the adult series made its Netflix debut before being cancelled by the service that summer.  

The sitcom was saved by Adult Swim, who stepped in to run two more seasons over the previous two summers. 

Lisa Hanawalt of Bojack Horseman created the series. 

Hanawalt thanked the audience for their support during the show’s entire run as she announced Adult Swim’s second cancellation on Twitter.  

She continued by saying, “I’m so proud of the work done by all my talented coworkers and collaborators on this show.  

Please watch the end credits and take note of all of these names in the cast and crew. 

I’m also very glad we were able to be covered by both The Animation Guild and the Writers Guild of America.  

I hope any show creators who have the leverage to fight for unionizing their productions will continue to do so.” 

Hanawalt noted in her post’s conclusion that she still plans to tell Tuca & Bertie’s extremely particular and original ending in some way.