Timothee Chalamet’s forthcoming cannibal horror movie, Bones and All will first destroy your heart before devouring it.  

A new official trailer for the film from the production firm MGM depicts a curiously romantic coming-of-age tale. 

Teenager Maren (Taylor Russell) and her new buddy are shown in the trailer unwinding and painting their nails.  

Maren takes her friend’s hand while lying close to one other in an apparent romantic gesture before biting off her finger.  

As her buddy yells and attempts to repel Maren, the situation degenerates into mayhem, and Maren flees out the front door and out of sight.  

The trailer’s concluding scene shows Maren and Lee evading capture as pounced on hapless victims while on the run throughout Reagan-era America.  

They also appear to run with Sully (Mark Rylance), an elderly cannibal who has the unique ability to smell meat from nearly half a mile away. 

Sully delivers the foreboding warning, “I came seeking for you,” at one point in the trailer. I could smell you. I also have rules, one of which is never, ever eat another eater. 

The romantic horror drama is based on the same-titled novel by Camille DeAngelis. 

With comparable movies like Suspiria, Call Me by Your Name, and I Am Love, Italian filmmaker Luca Guadagnino is familiar with the rare blood romance subgenre.