1. Robin Robin 

This heartwarming Christmas special from S/W alumni Mikey Please (The Eagleman Stag, Marilyn Myller) and Dan Ojari (Slow Derek) follows its avian lead as it explores the story of a robin who is reared by mice and struggles to earn the respect of her new rodent family.

2. Anima

Released in 2019, alongside Thom Yorke’s album of the same name, this silent movie homage sees the Radiohead frontman strut, stutter and swirl through a well-choreographed universe of drone-like humans.  

3. The White Helmet

If you’re looking to satisfy a short film fix on Netflix, hopefully you love documentaries. Netflix’s acquisitions to-date are highly focused on sourcing Oscar contenders, and with this Syrian War film Netflix finally scored a win.  

4. Two Distant Stranger

Winner of the 2021 Live Action Short Film Academy Award, Two Distant Strangers uses the “Groundhog Day” time-loop formula to create a social advocacy film where the fantastical plot device ends up being crucial to reinforcing its message. 

5. In Vitro

Set decades after an ecological disaster has engulfed the biblical city of Bethlehem, this black and white speculative sci-fi short blends stunning visuals with a number of complex themes to make for an original, absorbing watch. 

6. Zion

The film that spurred the creation of this list, Zion was a favorite of ours at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival before it premiered on Netflix later that year.  

7. Ghosts of Sugar Land

A favourite of the festival circuit from 2019, Tariq’s Sundance-winning doc invites you into the lives of a group of young Muslim’s and they attempt to understand the disappearance of a close friend.  

8. A Love Song for Latasha

We labelled Allison’s 20-minute doc as “most deserving” of an Oscar nomination when we discussed is part of our awards coverage in March 2021 and were excited to see it make the cut, from the 10-film shortlist to the five final nominations for the Documentary Short Subject Academy Award.  

9. What Did Jack Do?

Another example of a prestigious filmmaker having a short film on Netflix, but unlike PTA with Anima, Lynch in this 17-minute short, which unexpectedly debuted on Netflix earlier in 2020, goes full Lynchian.