10/10 Hugo Serves As An Aquatic Familiar To A Mage The Ancient Magus' Bride

9/10 Undine Is A Motherly Water Spirit Black Clover

8/10 Pseudowater Infects Its Drinker With A Deadly Sickness Made In Aby

7/10 Aqua Ushered Human Souls Into The Afterlife KonoSuba

6/10 Sloth Fights With An Animalistic Vigor Fullmetal Alchemist & Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

5/10 Noonsa Is A Reverse-Merman Slayers

4/10 All Salmon-Chan Wants Is To Be Dinner Shake-Chan

3/10 Undines Must Remain In Their Natural Habitat One Piece

2/10 The Catfish Princess Numano Himemiko Falls In Love With A Human Boy Kamisama Kiss

1/10 Ika Has A Grudge Over Ocean Pollution Squid Girl