The television show Scrubs follows intern John "J.D." Dorian (Zach Braff) as he experiences the thrilling journey at California's Sacred Heart Hospital, where he learns about the complex field of medicine.

'Scrubs' (2001–2010)

The American war miniseries, which has a stellar IMDb rating of 9.4, is not only a fan favourite but also a highly praised series with an immensely skilled ensemble. It is based on Stephen E. Ambrose's 1992 non-fiction book of the same name.

'Band of Brothers' (2001)

This adored mockumentary from around the world focuses on a group of ordinary office workers, capturing their everyday thoughts, boredom episodes, and inappropriate behavior.

'The Office' (2005–2013)

Alan Ball is the creator and producer of the captivating HBO original drama series Six Feet Under.

'Six Feet Under' (2001–2005)

The Leftovers, based on the Tom Perrota novel, examines a group of people's lives in a small town close to New York after 2% of the world's population vanished.

'The Leftovers' (2014–2017)

This prestigious drama directed by Matthew Weiner appears to live up to all the hype as it follows Donald Draper (Jon Hamm), a very gifted yet enigmatic executive of a New York advertising agency in the early 1960s.

'Mad Men' (2007–2015)

The Wire, a crime thriller series that has a 9.3 IMDb rating and is regarded as one of the best of all time, examines the drug trade in Baltimore from the perspectives of drug dealers, law enforcement, politicians, the media, and regular people.

'The Wire' (2002–2008)

Bryan Cranston plays an overqualified high school chemistry teacher who, after learning that he has terminal lung cancer, teams up with an ex-student (Aaron Paul) to make and distribute methamphetamine in Vince Gilligan's highly regarded television series.

'Breaking Bad' (2008–2013)

The fact that almost no one has yet heard of The Sopranos speaks for itself. The Sopranos was an avant-garde television series.

'The Sopranos' (1999–2007)

Game of Thrones continues to be a very successful series with an unrivalled fandom, despite the fact that a large portion of the public was not happy with its conclusion.

'Game of Thrones' (2011–2019)