The Essex Serpent (2022)

With regard to its content, Apple TV+ has begun to establish itself as a service that should not be underrated or disregarded in the world of streaming television, and one of its most recent releases is definitely worth checking out.

Slow Horses (2022-present)

Slow Horsesis a clever dark comedy series that cleverly combines witty dialogue and suspenseful action. It follows British intelligence agents who have made career-ending mistakes and have been demoted to a forgotten department of MI5.

Surface (2022)

Look no further than Surface if you're looking for a compelling psychological thriller. The series, which stars the excellent Gugu Mbatha-Raw, centres on Sophie, a character who survives a suicide attempt.

Bad Sisters (2022)

Look no further if you're looking for a dark comedy similar to Dead to Me. The main character of the show is Grace (Anne-Marie Duff), whose recently deceased husband was John Paul (Claes Bang).

Five Days at Memorial (2022)

The book Five Days at Memorial describes the horrifying truths that emerged in the wake of Hurricane Katrina's destruction of New Orleans.

Trying (2020-present)

The British comedy Trying is about Nikki (Esther Smith) and Jason (Rafe Spall), a couple who are desperate to have a child. The two decide to adopt after having trouble getting pregnant.

Loot (2022)

Maya Rudolph is one of the best comic actors now working, bar none, and Loot makes the most of her skills. Her character Molly, who has been married to tech billionaire John (Severance's Adam Scott) for twenty years, is the focus of the show.

Physical (2021-present)

Physical, which takes place in the 1980s, follows obedient but unfulfilled housewife Sheila Rubin (Rose Byrne) as she discovers passion and strength in the aerobics community.

Shining Girls (2022-present)

What would happen if there was a serial killer searching the world for women to kill, but was also capable of doing so across time? This is the premise behind the movie Shining Girls, which feels doubly compelling.

Roar (2022-present)

There are very few anthology series that have aired or are currently airing that seem to capture the lonesome perspective of women's experiences — in all of their complicated, messy, and perplexing glory.