10/10There Would Have Been Many Consequences If Nezuko Didn't Pass The Hashiras' Test

9/10Gyokko's Jar Art Was Grotesque And Disturbing

8/10Gyutaro Appeared As The Slayers Struggled To Beat Daki

7/10Tanjiro Had To Repeatedly Cut Off His Own Head In His Fight Against A Lower Moon

6/10The Spider Mother Manipulated Lower-Ranked Slayers Into Killing Each Other

5/10The Hand Demon Killed The People Who Trained Tanjiro

4/10Muzan Mercilessly Killed The Lower Moon

3/10Nezuko Gained Immunity To The Sunlight And Began A War

2/10Akaza Appeared When Tanjiro Was Too Injured To Fight

1/10Tanjiro Saw Muzan And Actually Approached Him