10/10 Chucking Luke Cage Like A Football

In the wake of the horrific "Stamford Incident," longtime friends and family members turned against one another, bringing out the worst in everyone involved in the Marvel Universe's first Civil War event.

9/10 Beating Up Spider-Man

In addition to fighting Luke Cage, Tony also got into a fight with his own "ward," as Doctor Strange so beautifully described it.

8/10 Cloning The Norse God Of Thunder

Iron Man and the Norse God of Thunder were excellently portrayed in the MCU as buddies, but in the comics, they are actually fire-forged brothers!

7/10 Attempting To Bust Thor

We're not sure which is worse—forcibly cloning one of your closest friends or developing a superweapon meant to murder them!

6/10 Knocking Out She-Hulk (With One Punch!)

One of the few instances on this list where Iron Man was justified is this brutal thrashing from Avengers Disassembled.

5/10 Waging War With Captain America

Even if Cap and Tony's conflict in Captain America: Civil War was vicious, it was nothing compared to the cruelty viewers experienced in the comics that served as the film's inspiration.

4/10 Waging Another War With Captain Marvel

After the Registration Act split Earth's Mightiest Heroes apart, numerous brothers and sisters-in-arm began to turn against one another.

3/10 Sending The Hulk Into Outer Space

The "the road to Hell is paved in good intentions" adage is supported by the World War Hulk tale.

2/10 Gaining A Massive Superiority Complex

It appears that the Marvel Comics writers won't stop until every hero suffers at least one career-long bad turn.

1/10 Creating Prison 42

Due to the fact that both men are insane geniuses who never approach their undertakings with traditional mindsets, Reed Richards, Hanky Pym, and Tony Stark get along so well.