10. From Scratch

From Scratch, a cross-cultural love story that was inspired by the memoir, follows Amahle "Amy" Wheeler, an American student studying abroad in Italy, as she meets and falls in love with Lino, a Sicilian chef. Amy is portrayed by Zoe Saldaa in the film.

9. Ancient Apocalypse

What if everything we believe to be true about early humans is false? Journalist Graham Hancock explores historical locations1

8. Inside Job

In the adult animated comedy Inside Job, the conspiracies of the world are perpetrated by a dysfunctional team working for the shadow government.

7. Our Universe

This ground-breaking six-part documentary, an epic tale 13.8 billion years in the making, is from BBC Studios and is narrated by Academy Award winner Morgan Freeman.

6. Love Is Blind

In an unconventional approach to modern dating in Dallas, singles who prefer to be adored for who they are rather than what they look like have signed up in the hopes of meeting the person they want to spend the rest of their lives with...without ever having met them.

5. Manifest

The Stone family is in disarray two years after the brutal murder of Grace turned their lives upside down, as a distraught Ben continues to grieve his wife and look for his kidnapped daughter, Eden.

4. Pepsi, Where's My Jet?

The cola wars were in full swing in 1996. Despite Pepsi's celebrity-filled ads

3. The Crown

The Royal Family faces what may be their greatest challenge to date as the 1990s come into full swing and the public openly questions their place in Britain.

2. Dead to Me

In this, their third and final season, Jen and Judy are back. Following yet another hit-and-run, both women learn startling information.

1. 1899

1899. A migratory steamship departs the old continent by sailing west. The passengers, a diverse group of European descent, were brought together by their aspirations for the twenty-first century and their futures abroad.