Top 10 Movies of Cillian Murphy

Oppenheimer (2023) :  In this Christopher Nolan film, Murphy delivers a tour-de-force performance as physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer during World War II. The movie boasts stunning visuals and holds a 93% approval rating y

A Quiet Place Part II (2021) A nerve-wracking sequel that expands the terrifying world of the franchise. Murphy’s role adds depth to the suspenseful narrative, earning the film a 91% rating.

The Wind That Shakes the Barley (2006): Directed by Ken Loach, this historical drama features Murphy as a young doctor in 1920s Ireland. The film is bleak yet compelling, with a 90% approval rating 

Inception (2010) Smart, innovative, and thrilling, this mind-bending movie directed by Christopher Nolan stars Murphy alongside Leonardo DiCaprio. It holds an 87% rating.

28 Days Later (2002): Kinetically directed by Danny Boyle, this zombie movie combines terror with sharp political allegory. Murphy’s performance is captivating, and the film has an 87% approval rating.

Batman Begins (2005) Brooding and dark, yet exciting and smart, this film explores the origins of Batman. Murphy plays a pivotal role, and the movie has an 85% rating.

Red Eye (2005): A suspenseful thriller directed by Wes Craven, where Murphy portrays a mysterious stranger who terrorizes a woman during a flight. The tension builds throughout, and the film holds a 79% rating.

Breakfast on Pluto (2005): A quirky and heartfelt drama directed by Neil Jordan. Murphy shines as a transgender woman navigating life in 1970s Ireland. The film is both poignant and whimsical, with an 80% approval rating.

Peaky Blinders (TV Series): Although not a movie, I must mention this outstanding British crime drama series. Murphy stars as Thomas Shelby, the cunning leader of a post-World War I gang. His performance is riveting, and the show has garnered critical acclaim.