Mask Girl | Netflix

In 2023, Netflix is expected to maintain its virtual stranglehold on Korean television, and one of its most intriguing original series planned for the year is Mask Girl.

Queen Maker | Netflix

When two women put aside their differences to work together to fight injustice, opposites attract.

A Time Called You | Netflix

This drama, which is based on the Taiwanese series Someday or One Day, stars Ahn Hyo-seop and Jeon Yeo-been (Vincenzo and A Business Proposal, respectively).

Vigilante | Disney+

Disney's introduction of Korean originals in 2022 got off to a shaky start. Most of its Korean shows were unwatched due to its global releases being spaced out and poor marketing.

The Girl Downstairs | Netflix

The Girl Downstairs, another programme on Netflix's lengthy lineup, follows Won-joon as he transfers to a new apartment to begin college only to learn that his neighbour is a former celebrity, played by Bae Suzy (Start-up)

The Interest of Love | Netflix

The Interest of Love, a group romance directed by Jo Young-min (Do You Like Brahms? ), is a Lee Hyuk-jin adaptation of Sarangui Ihae.

Call it Love | Disney+

Disney appears to be planning to concentrate on K-pop documentaries in 2023, but one drama jumps out from its lineup: Call it Love (literal title; we don't yet have an official translation).

All of Us Are Dead season 2 | Netflix

However, second seasons are uncommon in Korean television. however, with Netflix investing heavily in the Korean market

Gyeongseong Creature | Netflix

More monsters, not more romance. Seoul is occupied by the Japanese in 1945. In pursuit of missing people, Chae-ok, played by Han So-hee (Soundtrack #1), traversed China and Manchuria.