1. Bad Guy

When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go, her debut studio album, featured "Bad Guy" as its fifth single. In the song's lyrics, Eilish mocks a partner for being a nasty guy before implying that she is tougher than him.

2. Lovely  (feat. Khalid) 

“lovely” and Khalid for the official soundtrack for the second season of the Netflix drama series 13 Reasons Why. The lyrics of the track focus on the duo’s attempt to overcome depression.

3. Come Out and Play 

A few faint guitar chords introduce "Come Out and Play" before Eilish enters with vocals so hushed they almost sound lullaby-like.

4. Ocean Eyes 

The journey from this breakthrough moment to where Billie is now is quite astounding. Officially released in 2016 , the song went viral soon after and landed her a massive record deal with Interscope.

5. Bury A Friend 

‘Bury A Friend’ is more in tune with Gen Z’s self-aware mindset.

6. Happier Than Ever 

This is the quintessential Billie Eilish song: full of rage and regret; tears and defiance.

7. When I Was Older 

Billie transforms the arresting images and lines from Roma, the Oscar-winning film directed by Alfonso Cuarón, into a minimalist masterpiece on "When I Was Older."

8. Bellyache 

She ups the horror ante by adopting the mindset of an adolescent serial murderer murdering her closest family members, motivated by the remorse she felt as a child after stealing toys from friends.

9. When The Party’s Over 

A partial sequel to ‘Party Favor’, this haunting effort is a relatively straightforward Billie Ballad.

10. Therefore I Am 

The straightforward message of the song's hook—"Rise above all of the adversaries, envy, and haters"—is what gives "Therefore I Am" its initial enchantment.