10. Battle of Gods (2013)

To start with the heresy, I don't like Whis or Beerus. They're unpleasant, squeezing them into historical events shrinks the dragon universe, and they frequently destroy what little tension there is in Dragon Ball Super. However, that has more to do with how they were used in the series.

9. Wrath of the Dragon 

The final movie from the Z-era, Wrath of the Dragon tells the tale of Tapion, a warrior with a sword and an ocarina who is cursed to harbour a monster's half inside him and who is tormented by the loss of his younger brother. And the dragon team is also present.

8. World’s Strongest (1990)

Among the movies from the Z-era, World's Strongest earns praise for innovation. Very little is taken directly from the continuity of the series, with the exception of a few creature designs and a few action beats.

7. Tree of Might (1990)

It's a little disappointing that Goku and the original dragon squad have only ever cooperated in Tree of Might to face a threat. A group of space pirates led by Turles, a wicked clone of Goku, pose this threat.

6. Dead Zone (1989)

The only other Dragon Ball movie from the original run that even has a remote chance of fitting into continuity is Bojack Unbound. Dead Zone (not to be confused with David Cronenberg's Stephen King adaptation) is the only other Dragon Ball movie.

5. Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan (1993)

Who is Broly? Okay, Broly. The large guy was never a particularly complex figure in his earlier iterations. His father Paragus is entirely responsible for the narrative's meat. He gives us a glimpse into Saiyan society that I much prefer to the one provided by Super: Broly.

4. Mystical Adventure (1988)

Goku and Krillin's first tournament experience is recounted in the final instalment of the original Dragon Ball film trilogy. Tenshinhan and Chaotzu are likewise totally reimagined. Never before was Dragon Ball's homage to Journey to the West so blatant as it is in Mystical Adventure.

3. The Path to Power (1996)

The Path to Power, produced by Toei Animation for Dragon Ball's tenth anniversary, portrayed the story of Goku's initial journey once more. It combined his initial search for the dragon balls with his run-in with the Red Ribbon Army, similar to Curse of the Blood Rubies (this time explicitly depicted instead of inspiring original villains).

2. Cooler’s Revenge (1991)

Cooler's Revenge appears to be simply a small improvement on Resurrection "F" on paper. So creative—his big brother is pursuing revenge rather than Freeza! However, this movie makes far more of a simple premise in terms of execution. For one thing, Cooler comes out as a genuine menace.

1. Fusion Reborn (1995)

If beauty alone were the only factor, Fusion Reborn would win. With its swirling show of colour, design, and whimsy, Dragon Ball has never looked better than it does today.