Although not quite as old as One Piece, Kingdom the story set in the Warring States period in Chinese History has since 2006 remained one of the most popular Manga of all time.  



My Dress Up Darling, a romantic comedy that has been published continuously for four years, had an increase in sales this year after the hugely successful anime series it is based on debuted.


Kaiju No. 8

The manga author Naoya Matsumoto recently revealed on his official Twitter that the anime adaptation of his series Kaiju No. 8 is now in development.


My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia has established itself as one of the most well-liked series in Shonen Jump and is regarded as the main entry into the most recent edition of The Big Three.


Mystery To Iu Nakare

Yumi Tamura's josei series, also known as Do Not Say, Mystery, has been in the top ten best-selling Manga since its release in 2017.


 Demon Slayer

It is praiseworthy what Studio Ufotable accomplished with an otherwise uncomplicated shonen manga.



This summer, after SPY X FAMILY's first season's first episode ended, many people continued reading the manga where the anime left off.


One Piece

One Piece is still regarded as one of the best-known and longest-running Manga series ever. The greatest work of Eiichiro Oda has remained in the top 10 for more than twenty years.


Tokyo Revenger

Tokyo Revengers maintained its position as the second-highest-selling Manga of 2022, selling over 6.6 million copies.


Jujutsu Kaisen

Since the anime's debut in 2020, Jujutsu Kaisen has quickly gained popularity among viewers. Many fans have found it to be a clever blend of a sorcerer world similar of Harry Potter with a more action-oriented tempo like Bleach.