Boromir And The Fellowship Vs The Uruk Hai

By the end of the LOTR trilogy, Faramir, Boromir's younger brother, is viewed in a more heroic and honourable light.

Frodo And Sam Vs Gollum

Unlike the majority of the fight scenes in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, which rely on complex choreography and visual spectacle

Aragorn Vs Nazgul At Weathertop

While Aragorn was able to defeat a number of adversaries who were more ghouls than men previously in The Fellowship of the Ring, Boromir faced a force of Uruk Hai.

Riders Of Rohan Vs Warg Rider

While the Battle of Helms Deep frequently overshadows this conflict, the struggle in Rohan's hilly plains is still thrilling to behold for its own reasons.

Eowyn Vs The Witch-King Of Angmar

This scene is distinctive since it essentially takes place inside of a larger battle sequence.

Ents Vs Isengard

It's rather nice to see the side that the viewer is supporting for getting the upper hand in terms of power for once, given that the heroes are typically outnumbered and/or outmatched in battle in LOTR.

The Fellowship Vs The Goblins In Moria

It seems like the Fellowship is passing through a rite of passage with this great fight scene.

Battle Of The Black Gate

Our heroes assemble the troops of Gondor and Rohan for an epic final battle after being all but wiped out by the forces of Sauron.

Battle Of The Hornburg

Each spectacular scene that makes up the exhausting, protracted combat at Helm's Deep is different.

Battle Of The Pelennor Field

The Lord of the Rings trilogy's flawless climax, Return of the King, garnered virtually a record-breaking number of Oscars in large part due to memorable passages like this.