Sasha vs Titan

Sasha Braus finds herself going back to her hometown in an episode that focuses on her life before joining the Survey Corps.

Survey Corps vs New Titan 

The most recent episode of the final season gave fans a taste of nostalgia as the Survey Corps was once more tasked with removing pure titans.

Mikasa And Survey Corps vs Female Titan

The Survey Corps mobilises to combat Annie Leonhart when she admits who she is to the Female Titan.

Survey Corps And Titans vs Jaegerist

The Survey Corps, who are typically betrayed by apparent allies, turn out to be the betrayer toward the end of the second half of the fourth and final season.

Attack Titan vs Armored Titan And Marley

After the shocking revelation that Reiner was a warrior sent to destroy Paradis during season two, fans often anticipate encounters between Eren and Reiner as their respective titans.

Levi, Erwin, And Survey Corps vs Beast Titan

The third season's Battle of Shiganshina District is a story arc that is frequently cited as a turning point in the show.

Attack Titan vs Warhammer And Jaw Titan

Yuki Kaji's character Eren Jaeger transforms into the Attack Titan in the same series of events as the Survey Corps' battle with Marley and is prepared to claim the Warhammer and Jaw Titans.

Attack Titan vs Armored Titan

Reiner and Bertholdt's identification in season two as the Armored and Colossal Titans is one of the most cherished and talked-about moments in the show. The occasionally heroic, occasionally evil Eren Jaeger attacks the Armored Titan.

Survey Corps vs New Titan 

Captain Levi Ackerman squares off against a well-known opponent in maybe one of Attack on Titan's most watched fights. In reality, Kenny is Levi's uncle Kenny Ackerman, and he returns to town to kill his nephew and abduct Eren and Historia Reiss.