The Woman King

We haven't had a great historical epic like Gladiator or Braveheart in far too long, and Gina Prince-Bythewood undoubtedly produced a spectacle that moved viewers viscerally.

Violent Night

Why not make a Die Hard movie starring Santa Claus as it is well known that Die Hard is a Christmas movie? In this bloody holiday farce about a particularly nasty Christmas season, David Harbour performs his best John McClane impersonation.


Dan Trachtenberg transported the Predator franchise hundreds of years into the past and resurrected it with Prey after multiple failed attempts to do so.


RRR is a movie that you won't soon forget, and it was many American audiences' first exposure to Tollywood.


Ambulance was so excellent that it might make you forget about all those bad Transformers sequels, which may have caused many of Michael Bay's fans to give up on the hope that he would ever return to his roots in '90s action.

All Quiet on The Western Front

One of the most gripping war movies ever made is the 1930 classic All Quiet on the Western Front, but this amazing remake from the perspective of the Germans equals or even surpasses its forerunner.

Everything Everywhere All At Once

This year, there were a lot of multiverse films, but Everything Everywhere All At Once used its intricate body-swapping and reality-shifting plot to examine life's complexities.

The Batman

More Batman movies—do we really need them? In this sweeping crime thriller, which has more in common with Chinatown than Aquaman, Matt Reeves establishes that we do.

Avatar: The Way of Water

Avatar: The Sense of Water is a richer and more emotional movie in every way, defying the notion that James Cameron would surpass the most successful movie of all time.