Tom Holland stars as Nathan Drake, a youthful fortune hunter in search of one of the world's greatest treasures, in the new Uncharted poster.

Drake is about to go on a globetrotting adventure like no other with his tutor Victor "Sully" Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg).

So far, it appears that Uncharted will hit theatres in just under three weeks, which is incredible considering how long this film has been in development.

Its popularity has shifted as well. People were originally uninterested, but as the release date drew nearer, fans of the games began to become more enthusiastic.

Victor "Sully" Sullivan enlists the assistance of streetwise Nathan Drake to reclaim a 500-year-old lost wealth amassed by explorer Ferdinand Magellan.

What begins as a theft quickly turns into a round-the-world, white-knuckle race to reach the loot before the savage Santiago Moncada does.

Sully and Nate can solve one of the world's oldest mysteries by deciphering the clues.

They have a chance to discover $5 billion in treasure if they can learn to work together.