The relationship between Tom Holland and Zendaya has been going strong, and it appears that the two are already talking about the future.  

Tom and Zendaya appear to be considering marriage and “settling down” more than a year after making their relationship public, according to sources. 

According to a source for US Weekly, the couple appears to be “serious and long-term.” 

Since they’ve been dating for more than a year, the couple’s relationship has only grown more intense.  

When they were chosen to play Spider-Man and Michael Jackson in the MCU, respectively, they first crossed paths in 2016.  

Since then, there have been rumours that the two are in love, but they didn’t begin dating until 2021. 

The couple’s relationship was revealed after a picture of them kissing in a car went viral.  

They both made their Instagram relationships official and continue to give each other’s followers significant goals through their postings. 

After Tom shared a Zendaya birthday tribute on Instagram, referring to her as “My MJ,” the couple eventually made their relationship on the platform official. 

In an interview in November 2021, Tom discussed being in a relationship and claimed he felt “extremely happy and in love.”