Galadriel Known for her beauty, power, and knowledge, Galadriel is the Lady of the Woods in the realm of Lothlórien.

Fëanor Tolkien's universe is incomplete without F*anor. 

Legola In the early 2000s, Orlando Bloom's portrayal of Legolas changed pop culture with his long, icy blonde hair and the Bow of the Galadhrim.

Arwen As one of the most captivating and empathic characters in any fantasy universe, Arwen remains one of the best.

Elrond His telepathy is extremely strong, and the presence of Elrond throughout Middle-earth led to numerous positive changes..

Thranduil In the Third Age, Thoranduil ruled the Woodland Realm and his army was the key to victory in the Battle of Five Armies.

Lúthien Luthien is never portrayed in Peter Jackson's movies, which is a great shame. The Elven woman radiates with great power and beauty. She is the most beautiful of all the Children of Il*vatar.  

Gil-galad Gil-galad is one of the few characters in The Lord of the Rings capable of facing off against the Dark Lord of Mordor.

Celeborn Celeborn is known as one of the wisest elves to ever live and he is an especially benevolent ruler. He is also Galadriel's supportive husband.