In an interview with GQ, director James Cameron disclosed that in order to recoup its rumored $250 million budget, the long-awaited sequel would have to rank among the best films of all time. 

The Way of Water was “the worst business case in movie history,” according to the director when asked how much was needed to break even.  

He continued, stating that the Avatar 2 picture will have to be “the third or fourth most profitable movie in history. Your threshold is that. You have reached break even.” 

Even though it may be difficult to make that much money, the Avatar series has already established itself as a massive money-making machine.  

With a current global box office total of $2.9 billion, Cameron’s 2009 debut movie still retains the record for the highest-grossing movie of all time.  

The Way of Water could be impacted by the changing movie-going demographics, the director is aware of this despite the fact that times have changed.  

Even now, a lot has changed around the globe since I wrote this. It’s a one-two blow with the epidemic and streaming, explained Cameron.  

The continued success of the franchise will be influenced by the sequel’s performance.  

ameron has publicly indicated that he intends to make at least five Avatar movies, but if The Way of Water doesn’t work out, he’ll have to forgo the final two. 

The seasoned director stated that he would likely search for a different director to take the helm of the fourth and fifth movies if they were to be produced.