People have been wondering whether any projects will even come close to how the Lost series had altered the genre on the smaller screen for years 

Both Westworld and Dark erroneously approached failure.  

The multi-hyphenate, multi-genre drama on Netflix set in 1899 appears to be the new heir apparent.  

The mystery horror from that era is just the right combination of mind-bending, captivating, compelling, and shocking. 

Even though it lacks the freshness of Lost and Inception, this powerful creature manages to keep you on the edge of your seat for the entire eight episodes. 

The majority of the action takes place on board the SS Kerberos as it sails from Europe to America in the year 1899.  

A variety of international clichés and mysteries, including the French snob, a Geisha, and the working class Danes, are among the passengers. 

The German captain and an English doctor are the cherries on top.  

The sister ship Prometheus, which has been missing for four months, makes distress calls to them in the middle of the journey.  

Strange things start happening and people start dying when they discover the ship deserted, but for one young boy.