This Big Bang Theory Star Channels His Character Again While Reuniting With Co-Star In BTS Night Court Video

Prior to his guest spot on Night Court, Kunal Nayyar assumes the role of his character from The Big Bang Theory once again. 

The Pasadena gang's story came to an end nearly five years ago, but the Raj actor is getting back together with one of his old co-stars. Melissa Rauch of The Big Bang Theory is the producer and actress of NBC's Night Court reboot, which is scheduled to feature Nayyar. 

Although the two celebrities didn't have a romantic interest in the nerd-focused sitcom, Nayyar will make his television debut in Night Court as Martin Toddwallis, a well-known fashion designer who aspires to make Abby Stone his next model.

In a new Instagram post from Rauch, Nayyar slips back into his Big Bang Theory role with a Raj-like greeting on the set of Night Court season 2. 

In the video, Nayyar refers to her Big Bang Theory character, Rauch, as Bernadette. 

 "Oh, Bernadette, please play my clarinet," Nayyar exclaims as the camera moves to Rauch, who takes a seat in the courtroom, just like her character Abby Stone, and bangs her gavel.

Nayyar and Rauch will collaborate for the first time since the conclusion of The Big Bang Theory in 2019. Nevertheless, they are not the first members of the CBS show's cast to get back together after the sitcom ended.