At the 2012 Survivor Series, Roman Reigns made his main roster debut in the WWE. 

He was trained to become the largest babyface in the organization after serving as a tag team teammate for some time, although at the time he lacked some of the talents of other top superstars. 

Despite being a babyface, he was getting booed as a result of this, but over time, he developed more confidence and experience and improved himself. 

A few years ago, Roman Reigns in the WWE would only compete in contests while wearing a vest. However, he now appears more fit than ever. 

His bicep size appears to be larger, and his abdominal muscles have improved. 

He can travel through the ring more quickly than before as a result of his increasing fitness level. 

Seth Rollins was pushed as a heel when The Shield took a sabbatical, and Roman Reigns was pushed as a sizable babyface. 

Finally, he turned heel after making a comeback in 2020, and his moveset modified a little bit after that. 

He was handed the deadly Guillotine Choke, a submission technique used in mixed martial arts battles. 

The success of Roman Reigns’ villain turn can be attributed to Heyman, who is sometimes referred to as a creative genius.