“House Of The Dragon” Fans of fantasy, fiction, dragons, and drama will understand what it means to state that HBO has been lifting its game all season with exciting narrative twists.

The drama explores the profound divisions, political scheming, and power struggles in the House of Targaryen and is set 200 years before the events of “Game of Thrones.” 

Since the first episode’s opening sequence, tensions have been building, and as the series has gone on, they have only grown. 

Here is a summary of everything you need to know before viewing the upcoming season finale. 

The first episode of the show establishes the background for the problems that develop over the remainder of the season. 

King Viserys chooses to wed Alicent under pressure from the council, establishing a breach between her and his daughter Rhaenyra.  

Lord Corlys Velaryon, Viserys’ in-law, persuades Daemon to attack Crabfeeder (Daniel Scott-Smith), an uprising leader in the Narrow Seas, using his influence. 

Aegon, the son of King Viserys and Alicent, is viewed as a potential heir to the Iron Throne. 

While Daemon struggles against the Crabfeeder, his family celebrates his birthday with a royal hunt. 

Rhaenyra and Daemon are kept in the dark about King Viserys’ passing. Rhaenys is incarcerated out of concern that she would divulge it.