The Witcher Season 3 is now filming and it appears that the Witcher family is steadily growing. 

Redanian Intelligence has confirmed that the new season will feature six new cast members. 

Season 3’s cast has expanded to include actors Ryan Hayes, Michalina Olszanska, Kate Winter, Martyn Ellis, Harvey Quinn, and Poppy Almond. 

We witness the union of Geralt, Ciri, and Yennefer at the conclusion of Season 2.  

Additionally, viewers got to see Geralt and Ciri’s relationship finally take shape as they became friends over Ciri’s training. 

 The main antagonist of the future season, the Wild Hunt, was also depicted in one of the series’ last frames.

The dynamics of the new family will be fascinating to watch in the upcoming season. While not much is known at the time, the casting definitely points for a fascinating story. 

Hayes is portrayed by Artaud Terranova, a mage who, according to the books, was one of the mages who attempted to kidnap Ciri and took part in the Thanedd uprising. 

Olszanska is also expected to play a wizard, however it is unknown the specific character. 

Along with other The Witcher magicians Mahesh Jadu, Safiyya Ingar, and others, the Irish actor was recently seen filming in Wales.