The first season's finale hinted at the second season's setup, in which, in addition to the girls, a group of adolescent guys became the puppet master's new test subjects.

The guys are shipwrecked on a new island, where they must battle for their lives. The group is being watched by the experiment's puppet master, who has carefully orchestrated the situation.

Following a plane catastrophe that leaves a group of young girls trapped on a desolate island, the drama series follows them.

The high school pupils are unaware that they are participants in a social experiment until they are rescued by the same individuals who put them there.

Season 1 concentrated on the girls' experiences on the island and in the bunker following their rescue.

Leah (Sarah Pidgeon) escaped from her room in the finale, only to discover cameras on the island recording a bunch of boys as the next subjects.

The second season will return to Prime Video on May 6, 2022. 

The first look at season 2 showed the girls still stuck on the island during the month of July.