Cameron Sullivan

Theo James portrays Cameron Sullivan in the movie. Being a highly wealthy and successful businessman, Cameron has already demonstrated certain deceptive and arrogant characteristics.

Ethan Spiller

Will Sharpe portrays Ethan Spiller. Cameron and Ethan shared a room in college, and Ethan is more subdued and reticent than his former roommate. Cameron extended a Sicily invitation to him and his wife.

Harper Spiller

Aubrey Plaza plays Harper Spiller. Ethan's wife, Cameron, and their general lack of interest in anything, such as current affairs, make Harper, who is married to Ethan, immediately dubious.

Dominic Di Grasso

Michael Imperioli has had many iconic roles over the years and decided to grace the screen once again as Dominic Di Grasso. Dominic is a divorced father who brings his son and father to Italy. 

Albie Di Grasso

Adam DiMarco, who you may remember from the Disney Channel original film Radio Rebel, plays Albie Di Grasso. Dominic's kid Albie appears to be quite unhappy with his family.


Italian actress Beatrice Grann portrays Mia. Lucia is an escort attempting to break into the hotel, and Mia is her friend.

Bert Di Grasso

F. Murray Abraham, a renowned character actor, plays Bert Di Grasso. Bert is an older gentleman who makes an effort to flirt with girls, especially those who are much younger than him, a little too much.


Haley Lu Richardson portrays Portia. Tanya's assistant Portia is instructed to spend the entirety of their trip in her room because Greg does not want her there.

Greg Hut

In order to reprise his role as Greg Hut from season 1, Jon Gries has returned. Tanya first meets Greg in season one of The White Lotus, and they are now married.


Simona Tabasco, an Italian actress, portrays Lucia. The American person who Lucia, the escort, has been speaking with wants to meet in The White Lotus.