The popular anthology series The White Lotus has been renewed for a third season, HBO announced today.  

Just three episodes into the second season, which will conclude on December 11, comes this exciting news.  

Beyond the fact that it will follow fresh characters in a brand-new White Lotus resort, little is currently known about the third season.  

The fictional White Lotus in Hawaii’s first season followed the vacations and intertwined tales of its visitors and staff. 

Except for the returning Jennifer Coolidge, who was a fan favourite in the first season, the second season used a completely new cast and relocated the action to Italy.  

After finishing the second season, all that remains for fans to do is wait impatiently for the reveal of the impressive cast and stunning location. 

HBO’s decision to order a third season of the show is not surprising given how much both audiences and critics praised the first two. 

The White Lotus is well renowned for its critique of affluent culture and the perks that come with it, but it also skillfully goes beyond just making fun of the wealthy to make societal commentary.  

The White Lotus received 20 Emmy nominations, including one for Outstanding Limited Series, following its success as a six-part limited series.  

While the second season takes place at The White Lotus resort in Sicily, the first season was filmed at one of The White Lotus resorts in Hawaii.