The Watcher, a Netflix series created by Ryan Murphy and based on the shocking incident, attempts to bring the terrifying tale to a chilling conclusion.

if only for the characters’ psyches rather than bringing the perpetrators of the atrocious crimes to justice. 

A family purchases a dream home in the affluent suburb of Westfield, New Jersey, only to discover that someone else has already, in a sense, laid claim to it.  

This is the story of The Watcher, an adaptation of Reeves Wiedeman’s unsettling 2018 New York magazine article.  

Theodora has battled cancer the entire season, yet she keeps going to assist Dean in solving the mystery.  

In contrast, she confesses she was the Watcher all along when she calls him to her bedside in her final days.  

She had to sell the house to pay for her medical care, but after receiving money from the death of her ex, she was able to afford it once more.  

As a result, she contends that everything was staged, including hiring actors, skewing the inquiry, and using the family’s information against them.  

All of this had been done to persuade Dean to sell, but now she wished to make things right, have peace of mind, and provide Dean with comfort.  

Due to his earlier attempt to assist Dean, the other candidate, Dakota, also appears to be out running.