Final episode of The Walking Dead aired on November 20 on AMC+ and instantly breaks viewership record for the fledgling streamer.  

The 90-minute series finale episode is also the most watched on the platform since its launch in October 2020.  

It was streamed at that time on AMC+ and aired in the show’s customary Sunday 9 p.m. slot on AMC’s linear channel. 

With fans eager to follow Rick Grimes’ journey through the zombie apocalypse, The Walking Dead quickly attracted a sizable audience after its 2010 debut.  

The Walking Dead has become one of the most popular television series of all time over the course of its run, with its season 4 to season 6 span garnering between 11 million and 17 million viewers.

The Walking Dead’s season finale attracted a sizable audience, which is a success for AMC’s efforts to grow the brand. 

The viewers that showed up for the finale might be more motivated to watch the anticipated spinoffs. Even with this strong base.

The Walking Dead’s universe will need to keep evolving in order to attract new viewers to the brand with each new production. 

The Walking Dead needs to deliver new worlds and stories that viewers can lose themselves in, and it appears that TWD’s executive team is fully aware of this.  

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon will take Daryl all the way to France, where he might run into the zombie cure that has been rumoured to have been developed there.