The Undertaker weighs in on the current crop of WWE superstars:  There is a level of grit in today's product that is lacking.

The Undertaker, a WWE superstar, is scheduled to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in his home state of Texas this year

ahead of the event, he spoke with True Geordie about his career, the changes that WWE has witnessed over the years, and what he thinks about today's younger talent.

The renowned wrestler compared how things have changed in the social media era to how things have changed in his WWE days.

The Undertaker stated that he does not believe that today's WWE stars have the same lifestyle as those of the past

Speaking about how things have changed in today's social media-obsessed society, he expressed regret for today's celebrities who are unable to "go somewhere and blow off steam after work" because they are "constantly under some form of surveillance." 

The Undertaker reflected on how different the locker room setting was in his youth.

The wrestler recalled how few guys would carry knives and guns in their bags and revealed that if there were any disagreements, they were "settled in the showers" back in the day. 

The Undertaker admitted that only a few ones including Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, and Roman Reigns are among those  WWE Superstars who process "grit."