Walt Disney World’s Epcot Experience officially closing ‘Today’

Started on October 1st 2019, Walt Disney World’s Epcot experience is permanently closed from today.

The Epcot showcased planned park attractions for over 2 million guests. Located in Odyssey Pavilion, the Walt Disney World’s Epcot was a replacement of Epcot Legacy Showplace.

The Epcot Experience intended to showcase the relentless energy, excitement and innovation encouraging the park’s current evolution.

The showcase exhibited a gallery of art, a scale model and a 360 degree movie presentation that previewed planned attractions for the park.

Amongst many other things during the pandemic, the exhibit also remained closed briefly.

Through a social media handle, Zach Riddley, Disney Imagineer announced that the Epcot will be permanently closed down from 14th march 2022.

Riddley also shared his emotions expressing thankfulness to the team of Epcot, he said “I always like to say to our team that EPCOT is a park about people – our dreams, our curiosity and our ability to make magic possible when we work together.”