Neymar: An Arrogant Brat Or A Victim Of Circumstances

Neymar da Silva Santos Junior or just Neymar has garnered attention worldwide for his unparalleled skills on the field.

Neymar: The Perfect Chaos is a sports documentary series created by director David Charles Rodrigues and centers around the life and career of Neymar.

With three episodes, the series offers approximately three hours of insight into his life. Considered as one of the most influential football players, he used to play for Santos FC club at the age of 17 and later joined Barcelona in 2012.

However, the series overlooks many incidents in the life of one of the most contentious sports figures and tries to show him in a positive light and unfortunately, Neymar: The Perfect Chaos is just an ordinary docuseries streaming on Netflix on a man who has done many things.

Instead of addressing it and answering the questions of critics, it tries to whitewash his image by burying the truth.

The striking aspects of the series are the interviews of his father, Neymar Sr, who says that he made more money from sponsorships than football.

In fact, there are small contemporary and old videos of Neymar’s coaches who could be heard saying that his talent and arrogance is “creating a monster”.

The way everything is organised such as interviews, storyline and scenes seem like a hagiography i.e. biography of a saint. The director tries to depict him as a victim of circumstances despite his recurring disgraceful behavior.